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We make secretarial work easier by utilizing technology to deliver high-quality services at an accessible price to all Sri Lankan startups and small businesses. We handle all secretarial work. Through financial advising, registrations, and legal services, we assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in growing their firms. The team of consultants is available to assist you every step of the journey, backed by local experience through our offices.


How can I set up a private limited company for my small business?

The first and most crucial step is to reserve a distinctive company name for your Small Business Firm with the Sri Lankan Registrar of Companies (ROC)

Well, via the official web portal, widely known as the Department of the Registrar of Companies

— The WebLink is www.drc.gov.lk,one can quickly look for a specific company name for their small business registration. Once the official approves the name, the company name is reserved for the following three months from the date of approval. This name reservation will cost around Rs. 2,000 plus 15% VAT.

Submitting company registration forms for your small business registration is the next step.

After the Registrar of Companies in Sri Lanka (ROC) approves your company name, you must submit Form Number 1, Form Number 18, and Form Number 19 to complete the incorporation process. Handwritten forms will not be accepted, so all forms must be printed or typewritten. Another factor to consider is that, under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007, every business entity must have a company director and a company secretary. Before the incorporation process can be completed, the Company Secretary must be engaged. This is a crucial need for registering your small business. The Firm Secretary must sign a paper stating that they are the newly created company’s authorized company secretary.

Submit Association Articles

For small business registration in Sri Lanka, you must provide at least two copies of the Articles of Association. You’ll have to pay around Rs. 2,000 plus 15% VAT.

Give public notice of your company's incorporation to promote it.

According to Section 9 of Sri Lanka’s Firms Act Number 7 of the year 2007 and Section 3(a) of the Gazette Notice No. 1566/32 dated 12/09/2008, all business companies incorporated in Sri Lanka are required to publish public notice within 30 working days of their incorporation. Your company name, registration number, date of incorporation, and office address must all be specified in the public notice for your small business registration in Sri Lanka. All of this information should be published in three languages: English, Sinhala, and Tamil, in the Government Gazette and all daily newspapers. The Registrar of Companies must receive proof of these public notice publications. The publishing in the Gazette typically takes two weeks from the date of submission after payment. The Registrar of Companies in Sri Lanka will accept a receipt copy from the Government Printer as proof of publication.

Obtaining a Tax Identification Number (TIN) is the final step in your small business registration in Sri Lanka

This step necessitates self-assessment because applicants, investors, or company directors must be physically present at the Inland Revenue Department’s Taxpayer Services Unit to pick up and complete the entire procedure required to apply your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) number. The applicant must include a copy of Form 1, the Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association, and other supporting papers. If you have any more questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us; we are available 24/7 to assist you with all aspects of business registration.


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