HR and Payroll Consulting

HR and Payroll Consulting from Bizguide streamlines your company's HR procedures. We handle everything from EPF and SOCSO registration to status and rate modifications or payroll. Our skilled staff carefully prepares and distributes payroll checks and withholds and remits taxes, assuring compliance. Our consultancy includes experienced advice on human resource challenges for successful workforce management. We manage recruitment—reviewing job ads, publishing openings, monitoring applicants, background checks, and onboarding. Bizguide offers seamless HR and payroll solutions that optimise operations and comply with legal and regulatory norms.

  • Provision of Payroll Services
  • Registration of EPF and SOCSO
  • Processing of status and/or rate changes
  • Preparation and distribution of payroll checks
  • Withholding and remittance of taxes
  • Guidance on human resources issues
  • Recruitment for the new hires: - Review job advertisements and post the position on website. Track and review applications while keeping the Department abreast of the progress. Administer background checks, monitor and interact with candidates until the job is offered, and provide onboarding services for new hires including assistance with health and retirement benefits sign-up.